Sniping Bots in DeFi and why they work really well

Are Sniping Bots a must have in 2022?

Sniper Bots are increasing in popularity, more often than not a Sniping Bot tool is used for daily token launches, pre-sale auctions, and NFT mints in the crypto space. Those without a bot who is actively trading or participating in competitive auctions and token launches are always slower and buy when others are selling. You will most commonly hear about Pancakeswap Sniping bots, Uniswap Sniping Bots and Avalanche Sniping Bots. Polygon chain is not so well knows for sniping and neither is Solana.

Are Sniping Bots necessary?
Due to an incredible competition on every token launch, chances are you may end up missing an opportunity to buy really low and instead buy at the top, with a Sniping Bot this changes forever. Sniping is no longer the thing of the rich and guys that have inside information. With a good bot, you will always be first.

Why are Sniping bots so good?
• Allows for high-speed buys
• Allows for faster sells
• Gives users of the Sniping Bot a great advantage at competitive launches
• Provides the ability to purchase a coin as soon as liquidity is added
• Allows for multiple buys within seconds.
• Users can automatically sell at a specific profit target

Why Sniping bot is only 50% of the puzzle:

• Transactions may fail due to token devs setting up anti-snipe measures
• Devs can create a ‘honey pot’ whereby the tokens that are sniped with a Sniping Bot will not be the legitimate tokens but instead a scam.
• Taxed blocks whereby developers can purposely implement a 90%+ tax on your purchase if it is determined that your purchase happened within the first few blocks
• The majority of bots work exclusively on PCs, this is obviously a major inconvenience particularly for those that like to snipe whilst on the move and can’t afford to stay in one place for too long

Are Sniping Bots profitable? Worth it?

Sniping Bots are absolutely worth it, this isn’t even a question, regardless of being somewhat pricey, especially if you invest in a quality Sniping Bot. Bot users have an advantage over normal manual transacting users, Bot user transactions are instantaneous, which means purchases are mostly guaranteed. We saw people use the bot once and make 4 BNB out of 1 BNB within minutes and I mean literally.

If your goal is for quick gains with minimal time, a sniping bot is a profitable investment. The normal means of purchasing can result in missed opportunities and of course minimal gains, so it is worth getting the upper hand over the competition, especially as the crypto space becomes more populated.

In an ideal scenario, sniping bots yield profit in a seamless, efficient and more accurate manner than conventional manual means. Overall, Sniping Bots are a useful tool that automates trading, it is important to understand how they work and perform thorough research prior to deciding on which token to use them on.

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Who are Defi Trading Coders?

DeFi Trading Coders is a studio created by coders and developers working on creating easy to use tools for the DeFi space, all in one automated trading experience on the Blockchain. DeFi Trading Coders offer simple and fast sniping bots across several Blockchains including Polygon, Avalanche, and Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. We offer a user-friendly interface GUI desktop app, 24/7 live support if the need arises, and free updates for lifetime.

DeFi Trading Coders are partnered with several Token Scanners and other useful tools including Token Alert which notifies people about any new potentially profitable tokens, this is very convenient for users to have all in one place.

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